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Geamparalele is the most popular song we produced during the quarantine, and also one of our new favourites. Being a well known traditional song from the southeast of Romania, we couldn’t help ourselves, and gave it a total makeover.

Maramu’ is a tribute to Dirty Shirt’s home county, and is being tied to Pintea the Haidouk, a local Robin Hood.

Put it On! First track of our album “Letchology” and our first animated clip. The clip was made by none other than our guitar player, Cristian Balanean.

Wacken Open Air

This was a though one. Producing a show with a traditional orchestra started as a “what if?” moment. We joked about the idea one night in the studio. One year later, the “joke” was on the stage and it involved more than 40 people. We did a 6 cities tour and for our last show, in Bucharest, we have recorded a live album and named it “FolkCore DeTour”.

Săracă inima me’ is also inspired from Romanian folklore.

If you don`t know what Palinca is, allow Matt to take you on a plum-picking trip, so it will lift your “spirits”.

Latcho Drom is the spiciest ingredient on “Letchology”, featuring the legendary Mr. Caliu.

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