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Dear friends, we present you our new album, GET YOUR DOSE NOW!, to be released on 1st April 2022!

TRACKLIST: New Boy in Town, Pretty Faces (feat. Benji Webbe, Caliu & Paul Ilea), Dope-A-Min, What’s Going On (feat. Gabriel Radu Arnautu & Boots), Hot For Summer, New Conspiracy, Când s-o-mpărțit norocu’ (Part 1), Când s-o-mpărțit norocu’ (Part 2), Geamparalele

BONUS TRACKS (PANDEMIC SPECIAL EP): Resonate (Metal Version), Away (Orchestral Version), Don’t Care (25 Years Later), Latcho Drom (feat. Caliu)

Produced by Mihai Tivadar
Mixed & mastered by Adrian “Bila” Uritescu @ LowBass5 Studio Deva
Editing & acoustic instruments mixing by Mihai Tivadar @ MT Sound Home Studio Chambéry
Recording by Adrian “Bila” Uritescu @ LowBass5 Studio Deva, Dan Petean @ Dirty Shirt Studios Cluj Napoca, Vlad Toca @ Obelus Studio Baia Mare, Andrei Spataru @ Osimetric Studio Bucharest, Mihai Tivadar @ MT Sound Home Studio Chambéry, and Dan Secheli @ 7 Cats Studio Baia Mare.
Artwork by Lia Cucuianu

DIRTY SHIRT Dan Rini Crăciun – vocals, Robert Rusz – vocals, Mihai Tivadar – keyboards/guitars, Dan Petean – guitars, Cristian Bălănean – guitars, Pal Novelli – bass, Vlad Țoca – drums, Cosmin Nechita – violin

GUEST MUSICIANS FROM TRANSYLVANIAN FOLKCORE ORCHESTRA: Alexandra Joicaliuc – backing vocals, Miruna Puiu – backing vocals, Tea Vişan – backing vocals, Andrei Oltean – whistles/accordion, Darius Boşca – clarinet, Mihai Muntean – cimbalom

SPECIAL GUESTS: Benji Webbe – vocals (Pretty Faces), Boots (Mathieu di Pilla) – vocals (What’s Going On) & gangs vocals, Caliu – violin (Pretty Faces & Latcho Drom), Paul Ilea – synths (Pretty Faces), Gabriel Radu Arnautu – guitars & synths (What’s Going On), Adrian “Bila” Uritescu – bass & guitar (Geamparalele), Cosmo – percussion (What’s Going On, New Conspiracy, Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 2) & Geamparalele), Sandor Medve – trombone & trumpets (New Conspiracy), Eduard Albina – accordion (Hot for Summer), Ionut Vartolas – trombone (Hot for Summer), Leonard Negrea – cimbalom (Hot for Summer)

GUEST MUSICIANS FROM TRANSYLVANIAN FOLKCORE ORCHESTA ON BONUS TRACKS ONLY: Adela Barastean – viola (Resonate, Away & Latcho Drom), Alexandra Enache – cello (Resonate, Away & Don’t Care), Rebeka Dula – cello (Resonate, Away), Andrei Oşan – clarinet (Away), Gabriel Barastean – violin (Away), Catalina Popa – Mörk – flute (Away)

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